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Thornes House
1782 - 2000

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We are indebted to Dr Nora George for giving us access to her extensive archives upon which this history is based; for supplying many articles & photographs and for giving us permission to use them on this site.

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Dr Nora George
Lecturer in Education (Retd)
University of Hull

After several years of extensive research, Dr George published her book "Thornes House : The Story of a School" in 1993. It is now sadly out of print. She attended Thornes House Girls' Secondary School, as it was then, in the 1930s. At the moment it remains the only comprehensive history of the school ever published. Copies of her book are available through the Wakefield Library Services & there is also a copy in the County Archives in Wakefield.  Follow the link below for a brief history of the House based on Dr George's research.

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The Story of the House