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Thornes House Grammar School

Some memories of the Staff 1940 - 1953

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Miss Dillistone by Miss M. Waring from "The Stork" July 1959


Miss [Beatrice] Dillistone is leaving us this summer after a very long period of service to the school in the art department. She is one of the founder-members of the school, starting her work in the temporary premises at the Technical School in 1923.

No-one who has been in contact with Miss Dillistone during that time, whether as an art student or in any other way, will forget her outstanding qualities: her concientious devotion to her work; her very high standard in all things; her patience, and her courage in face of great difficulties during the last few years; even her handwriting has been something which we shall all remember.

She has over the past years enabled the school to buy many pictures, with the profits made by the sale of School Christmas Cards which she has designed, and we are grateful for this service, which has given and will continue to give much pleasure.

Perhaps we can conclude that Miss Dillistone has not been unhappy amongst us, for she has spent all her teaching years in the industrial north - such a contrast to her home on the South Coast.

We say goodbye to her with grateful thanks for all her services to the school and wish her happiness and renewed strength in her retirement.



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