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Thornes House Grammar School

Some memories of the Staff 1940 - 1953

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Mrs Howard by Miss M. Waring from "The Stork" July 1959


Mrs [Lily] Howard came to us "temporarily" in 1942, thinking to tide us over for a few weeks until Miss Norman recovered from an illness.  The few weeks became   seventeen years - a long time, but not too long for us at Thornes House.  We soon came to accept Mrs Howard as part of our school life; in the staff room and the form room her sterling qualities were soon recognised.  Before long we were aware of her dependibility and energy, whether she was engaged in steering her pupils through the tortuous paths of Euclid or in carrying out the round of dinner duty with unrelaxing vigilance.

Wakefield must now number many among its younger citizens who owe much to her care, interest and drive.  Many parents have testified to her thoroughness by spontaneous expressions of satisfaction when their children have stayed under her care.  Her colleagues have always known that when she was on the spot all would be well.

Yet with all this thoroughness the essential kindness was never far to seek, the sense of fun was never blunted.  We shall all miss sadly the cheerful presence, chalk-bespattered, entering the staffroom under its weight of exercise books.  All our good wishes, Mrs Howard, for a long and happy retirement.



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